The Artisan Collection 2019 - The Appetite For Vintage Chic

Create your own individual style by mixing and matching, contrasting and clashing. There are hundreds of looks you can create using colours, fabrics and styes in the Premier Artisan Collection. Roll them sleves, relax your collar and own that Apron!

The Artisan Collection features a range of traditional and contemporary styles to revitalise staff uniforms to reflect the latest hospitality trends. Whether that be bold statement colours or a more subtle approach with earthy tones, the Premier range offers up to 60 colours to choose from. Everything from our canvas aprons and classic poplin shirts to wax and leather aprons, rolled-sleeve tee's and checked cotton shirts. This collection of images demonstrates some uniform combinations that The Artisan Collection can deliver, showing how mixing-and-mathcing our products can create a variety of looks and styles to fit all. 

PR129 Bib Apron, PR139 Bib Apron, PR123 Bib Apron  I   PR135 Bib Apron, PR660 Chefs Jacket, PR136  Waist Apron    PR123 Bib Apron & PR222 Denim Shirts   I   PR250 Check Shirts  I   PR625 & PR626 Waistcoats with PR244 & PR344 Poplin Shirts, PR140 Bib Apron   I   PR240 Cross BAck Bib Aprons  I  PR625 & PR626 Waistcoats




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