Packaging Policy

As a clothing manufacturer, we sell our products through a network of approved distributors across the world and for our clothing, this can mean quite the journey! 

From leaving the production line, travelling across continents, spending time in warehouse pick-bins, to eventually arriving in our customer’s hands, we need to ensure that our product arrives in the best condition possible.

We need to protect our clothing against the elements, which means that a certain level of packaging is required to:-

a)      prevent soiling and damage during transit

b)      maintain the structure of the garment whilst in pick bins

Whilst recognising that packaging is inevitable in our industry, we want to demonstrate how we’ve cut down on the materials used and improved the recyclability of these materials so the environmental impact is kept to absolute minimum.

Let’s look at one of our key product lines and the improvements we’ve made in the REMOVAL of unnecessary packaging


  • REMOVAL of four plastic clips used to secure the folded presentation of the shirt  
  • REMOVAL of three plastic inserts used to preserve the structure of the formal collar              
  • REMOVAL of cardboard insert that carries the size guide and brand logo   
  • REMOVAL of branded swing tag                                                                                                         
  • REMOVAL of presentation tissue paper 

Our products are individually presented in plastic bags. The type of plastic used here is
Low Density Polyethylene and on the bags you will see this recysling symbol.

Our products are individually presented in plastic bags.  The type of plastic used here is Low Density Polyethylene and on the bags you will see this recycling symbol. 

Recycling Polyethylene is essential because in most cases, it isn’t biodegradable and can accumulate in landfills for decades when the plastic waste is discarded.   Because of its composition, the waste plastic can be melted to a liquid form and reshaped or extruded as it solidifies, making it reusable. Recycling Polyethylene can therefore lead to the creation of new, durable products that are also cost effective.

Polyethylene recycling is a trend that’s catching on and you can actually make some money of out of it!  There are private recycling firms across the UK and Europe who are buying your Polyethylene plastic so don’t throw it away.

For more information about this, search on the web under Buy my polyethylene plastic” and see what your options are.

As a brand we are constantly looking at ways to reduce and remove unnecessary packaging  throughout our supply chain and carry this ethos forward into our daily working lives where, in our head office we have a recycling points for toner cartridges, cardboard, paper and Polyethylene plastic.  We are also trialling the use of bio-degradable and paper bags to see whether these materials will perform to the level we need to ensure the long term preservation of the product within. 

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