News, Useful Guides / April 13, 2015

Video Sharing in 5 Easy Steps!

By Laura Dutton

In this digital era, you could be missing out on potential sales if you haven't got interactive content on your website.   We're talking blogs, news-feeds, videos and social media sharing!

Premier has a TV Channel on video sharing website, Vimeo.   Our channel is now loaded with video content for your to share with your customers to help them get a more accurate perspective on how well our garments look live and in motion!   We've captured our gorgeous bunch of models waltzing down the catwalk with clear shots of key pieces from our hospitality, corporate, chefs and beauty ranges.

We are encouraging you to share these videos on your on website.   If you already have Premier images on your site, why not get even more interactive with a little video clip - it really does help to engage the customer.

STEP 1.  Head over to Premier TV on Vimeo.

vimeo artwork

STEP 2.  Browse through our collection of catwalk videos and decide which ones to you want to share on your website.

select video

STEP 3.  Click to watch and then click on the share symbol highlighted in the picture below.

STEP 4.  A number of share options will be revealed.   Click on the last symbol to 'Get embed code'.

vimeo share

STEP 5.  The embed code will be revealed.  Copy and paste this code into your source code/ admin area of your website.

reveal embed code

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