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We can can supply you with branded materials to help you push the Premier range.  Our branded hangers will look great in your showroom, whilst our fabric tape measures are an invaluable tool of the trade.    Our pens and post-it notes are perfect for scribbling down that Premier order!

Fabric Tape Measure

Great for measuring garments, this 150cm tape measure comes with lock button and winds neatly back into its round shell.

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Post-it notes

Order useful post-it notes and scribble down that Premier order!

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Curvy Stylus Ballpen

A black ink ballpen with a useful stylus tip for use with mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets.

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Black Wooden Peg Hanger

Great for hanging Premier Aprons or Trousers, these solid wooden black peg hangers come in a satin finish with chrome fittings.

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Black Wooden Wishbone Hanger

This wishbone style is great for hanging Premier's shirts, blouses, polo tops, tunics and jackets. A mat painted finish with chrome hooks.

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