News / September 4, 2017

Free Cakes For Kids!

By Laura Dutton

We were happy to support this lovely cause recently!  Free Cakes For Kids is a UK charity with a network of local groups across the country.

Each group is run independently by a coordinator who has a team of volunteer community bakers who bake birthday cakes for families who find it difficult to make or buy a cake for their child’s birthday.


Salli Thwaite, who runs the Tonbridge branch contacted us with a request for twenty Pocket Bib Aprons in Sunflower Yellow!    So we thought, if they are willing to supply free-cakes-for-kids, the least we could do is supply free Aprons for Salli!


Free Cakes for Kids Tonbridge, is based in Tonbridge and also covers Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks.  Check out the great work of this charity by visiting,


Salli and her team of Tonbridge bakers looking great in our Sunflower Aprons!