• News / March 9, 2017


    By Laura Dutton

    Whether you’re running a high street beauty salon, an exclusive spa retreat or a specialist aesthetics clinic, a good dress code will help your staff radiate professionalism and instill confidence from your customers. Here are five top tips on dressing your team for success.

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  • News / March 3, 2017

    Fairtrade Fortnight

    By Laura Dutton

    Fairtrade Fortnight is an opportunity for campaigners, businesses and communities to show support for farmers in third world countries, ensuring that they receive a fair deal in relation to the produce harvested on their land and exported abroad.

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  • News / December 16, 2016

    All New Patterned Ties!

    By Laura Dutton

    Our trendy new patterned ties have a blade width of just three inches, so you can look smart in stripes, snazzy in spots and stylish in squares.

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  • News / June 14, 2016

    Looking for Work Trousers? Walk Our Way!

    By Laura Dutton

    If you are looking for a good pair of everyday work trousers, then walk our way!   Continue reading →

  • News, Useful Guides / June 3, 2016

    Textiles - The A-Z Jargon Busting Guide!

    By Laura Dutton

    Do you know your Poplin from your Pique, your Gauge from your GSM?    If in doubt, use our handy A-Z handy jargon-busting guide to the most commonly used terms in the textile industry.

  • News, Useful Guides / May 18, 2016

    Washcare Symbols Explained!

    By Laura Dutton

    A useful guide to the most commonly used laundry symbols.

    Print this poster and stick it next to you washing machine!

  • News, Useful Guides / April 14, 2016

    What Does Your Staff Uniform Say About You?

    By Laura Dutton

    Premier is all about the colour, but are you using it correctly?   You can stir certain emotions from your customers by getting clever with colour and working it into your branding.

      Follow our colour advice which will help make a more informed choice when it comes to purchasing your staff uniforms.

  • News, Useful Guides / April 4, 2016

    Lights, Camera, Action!

    By Laura Dutton

    Discover the goings-on when we shoot for our new season collection. Beautiful models and hard working stylists, together with a bunch talented photographers help to bring the Premier clothing collection to life.

  • News, Useful Guides / March 10, 2016

    Polos That Work For You!

    By Laura Dutton

    The polo shirt is a classic, timeless piece and we have a Coolchecker Pique Polo style for men and women and it proves to be a very popular uniform choice for staff across many different industries.

    Let’s take a quick look at where you can sport a Premier Polo!

  • News / January 5, 2016

    A Colourful New Menu For 2016

    By Laura Dutton

    In such a crowded marketplace, businesses have to stand out from the crowd to attract our business.  More and more venues are splashing out on lavish interiors with plush decor and eclectic furnishings creating a really colourful impression with customers. 

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